$ 39.95

we find this supplement to work amazingly well to control inflammation of the body and skin.  it's more expensive than optizinc, but we find that it works faster, and isn't as hard on the stomach as zinc can be. however, you can also try taking both zyflamend and optizinc.  we also find that it can help ease digestion of foods. for best results, take away from meals.


note about the nighttime formula: the nighttime formula omits more stimulating herbs the original formula has (like green tea) and includes relaxing herbs (like valerian) for a more calming effect.  this formula can be especially beneficial if you have trouble getting inflammatory- and stress-reducing, quality sleep!


manufacturer info: new chapter's zyflamend, the premier herbal formula for whole-body healthy inflammation response.
inflammation is a natural process that affects every cell and organ in the body.  zyflamend promotes a healthy inflammation response that helps support joint health and many other body benefits.


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