LBD powder spf 50 brush

$ 28.00

la bella donna is a 100% physical block sunscreen POWDER, formulated without any additives making it perfect for the most sensitive skin. it provides completed protection from all UVA + UVB infrared rays and is an spf 50.   although it is translucent, it comes in 3 shades:   #1 choose this if you wear alabaster - porcelain illuminare   #2 choose this if you wear porcelain - fair illuminare   #3 choose this if you wear sun - toast illuminare   *note: this formula is the same as the LBD men's spf 50, the only difference is that it says, "women's" on the package. we do not currently carry the men's version.     ingredients: micronized titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, zinc oxide, iron oxides  

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