healing kit

$ 49.95

we recommend this kit for post-treatment healing, dry, and sensitized skins.  great for airplane and dry climate travel, which tend to be dehydrating to the skin.  also excellent for sunburn healing.

the skinSALVATION healing kit includes:

  • green tea cleanser (4 ounces OR 2 ounce travel size) :: our most moisturizing facial cleanser, green tea cleanser is a cream cleanser that is gentle and nourishing.
  • hydrating toner (4 ounces OR 2 ounce travel size ) :: a non-active toner that adds moisture and hydration to your skin.
  • hydrating gel (2 ounces OR .5 ounce travel size) :: this water-based moisturizer is great for layering under hydrating cream or using throughout the day to matte down peeling skin.
  • hydrating cream (2 ounces OR .5 ounce travel size) :: this rich, anytime moisturizer nourishes skin while you sleep, and is also light enough to be worn under your sunscreen for extra moisture.
  • cotton gauze :: this non-woven, medical grade cotton gauze is ideal for applying toner. most commercial cotton pads absorb too much toner, so it stays in the pad and doesn't get onto your skin. with this cotton gauze you will use far less toner, and its smooth texture aids in the exfoliation of the skin without irritating it.

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