classic getting started kit - normal to dry

$ 61.95

our most popular getting started kit, the skinSALVATION classic kit is appropriate for most skin types. included in the kit (normal to dry) is:

  • charcoal cleanser (4 ounces OR 2 ounces travel size) :: our best-selling facial cleanser, charcoal cleanser is a foaming cleanser that is gentle enough for everyday use, and also effectively removes makeup - even eye makeup.
  • magic mandelic blend toner 2.5% (4 ounces OR 2 ounces travel size) :: our magic mandelic tonic is simply one of the most effective acne clearing toners on the market. this proprietary tonic blends mandelic acid (an AHA derived from almonds) with exfoliating and brightening fruit acids, to clear acne, smooth skin, and lessen hyperpigmentation from acne scars and sun damage.
  • hydrating cream (2 ounces OR 0.5 ounce travel size) :: this rich, anytime moisturizer nourishes skin while you sleep, and is also light enough to be worn under your sunscreen for extra moisture.
  • daily facial moisturizer spf 30 (2.7 ounces OR 0.5 ounce travel size) :: this lightweight, moisturizing SPF suitable for most skin types. great for use during day and night.
  • cotton gauze (200 count OR 30 count travel size) :: this non-woven, medical grade cotton gauze is ideal for applying toner. most commercial cotton pads absorb too much toner, so it stays in the pad and doesn't get onto your skin. with this cotton gauze you will use far less toner, and its smooth texture aids in the exfoliation of the skin without irritating it.
  • ice pop maker (full size kit only) :: one of the most important parts of any acne-safe regimen is icing the affected area. you will receive detailed instructions on how to ice your skin, and this ice pop maker will make it easy (and maybe a little fun!). 

all getting started kits come with a copy of skinSALVATION's guide to clear skin and a detailed regimen sheet to make sure you are using the products correctly.

keep in mind, products alone will not clear your skin. our getting started guide will tell you everything you need to know about living an acne-safe lifestyle, so you can get - and stay - clear.

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