cansol - herbal candida control tincture

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for clients who are not clearing up with the acne-safe lifestyle and skinSALVATION skincare products, you may have a candida yeast imbalance, which is common with long-time acne sufferers, due to multiple exposures to antibiotics, birth control and other prescription medications.

please read our blog and search 'candida' for more information about this type of acne, and our own guidelines for how to approach this cleanse.

this tincture was specifically formulated for severe yeast infections and candida rebalancing, by renowned herbalist solomon wickey.  pure herbs is a 34 year old company specializing in sourcing the highest, medicinal grade herbs based out of michigan.  we were first introduced to this formula by dr. thomas anstett ND, naturopathic doctor and instructor of CNHP (certified natural health practitioners).  

in our clinic, we have had several success stories of the small percentage of clients that have had to do the candida cleanse, using our proprietary method of cleansing, who take this tincture (along with probiotics, distilled water, and a diet, all of which are detailed on our blog at

directions for use: take 3 dropper-fulls in water, 3 times daily.  increase dosage as needed (and tolerated) if symptoms are not clearing up after 3-4 weeks of doing the cleanse.  with proper dosage, one 4oz bottle should last about 2 weeks.

ingredients: greasewood, purple loosestrife, white pond lily

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